To The Ocala Piano Conservatory

The Ocala Piano Conservatory (OPC) was founded in 2002 by Leslie Hammes (Ms Leslie to her students) to provide opportunities for students to study how to really perform and play the piano – not just take piano lessons. The Ocala Piano Conservatory provides a truly innovative direction in learning to play piano. Studies at OPC consist of both private lessons and Master Classes. This comprehensive combination of private and group work is truly the fastest and most fun way to learn to really play the piano

Your Expectations: Ms Leslie holds two music degrees and a Master’s in Educational Psychology from Harvard University. In addition to teaching for over 25 years, she continues to study with internationally acclaimed concert artists. She also performs recitals regularly, and is sought after as an adjudicator for auditions and competitions throughout the State of Florida. She has produced both prize winning and scholarship students. Students should expect nothing less than the best instruction to include:

  • how to practice properly and learn quickly
  • how to fix or overcome technical difficulties
  • how to prepare for performances
  • how to think and listen critically and musically
  • how to manage all aspects of piano performance and to play beautifully
  • how to enjoy playing the piano
  • how to produce a prize winning performance

Students should be challenged but not overwhelmed. They should be proud of their accomplishments – of which, if they practice correctly, there should be many.

Although her achievements include producing both competitive contest winners and college scholarship awardees, studying at OPC does not imply that a student must perform competitively or think about a career in music; that’s not practical. It should be reassuring to know, however, that if a student does desire to compete or get into a music school for college, that Ms Leslie has the credentials and the proven track record to make that possible. Her vision for OPC is to ensure that students enjoy what they are doing – whatever their goals. She is proud to have former students, now adult professionals in other fields, who still enjoy playing the piano.

Piano performing and practicing is a lifestyle change which demands a serious time commitment to practice regularly. See “Rules and Syllabus” for requirements for studying at the Ocala Piano Conservatory. They are designed to help everyone understand what is required as well as make lessons enjoyable and productive.

Thank you!